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Got words for the MBTA? Now you can tell them directly.

And potentially get a free monthly LinkPass in the process

Boston train rides on a track with a view of a river on the left side along with a sunset. Shutterstock

The MBTA is a little behind schedule on those signal repairs, and riders are not happy.

They haven’t been pleased for a while. In its June rider poll, the MBTA received an average satisfaction score of 2.5, its lowest approval rating ever since the monthly poll began in February 2016, and a huge dip from its general average score of 3.2. About a third of riders said they’re “somewhat, very, or extremely” dissatisfied with the T.

But what say you? Every month the MBTA puts out a customer opinion panel survey with the aim of gathering feedback. Completing this survey enters you into a drawing for a free monthly LinkPass. But regardless of whether you win, you have a guaranteed portal to vent.

In the meantime, Baker’s going to try and patch some of these holes up with an $18 billion transportation bond bill. And there’s that five-year, $8.2 billion capital investment program to update infrastructure and increase reliability and service. Oh, and the fare hike. Money, money everywhere ... but apparently, the long-standing debt and repairs still exceed it.

Well, money talks, but so can you. Tell them, show them, and ask them what can be done. And if the survey’s not enough for you, there’s always Yelp.