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Renovated West Cambridge duplex on sale for $2.2 million

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The spread in the Riverview Condominiums near the Charles is the product of a 2018 makeover

A narrow modern kitchen with appliances and cabinetry built into the walls. Photos via Lindsey Allison and Lisa May/Gibson Sotheby’s

The sellers of Unit C a 26 Bradbury Street halfway between Mount Auburn Cemetery and Harvard Square in Cambridge bought the duplex in 2018.

They immediately set about making it over as a sleekly contemporary condo that retains some of its midcentury modern feel (its building went up in 1960). Now the 1,890-square-foot spread with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms is on sale for $2.195 million, or $1,161 a square foot, through Gibson Sotheby’s.

It includes access to a private garden at the complex and to a rented assigned parking spot. What’d you think?

A view of the same kitchen from the other end, with counters visible.
An open and airy dining room-living room area with a table and chairs and other furniture.
An entry foyer with a sparse and stylish staircase, and there’s a living room visible through door-less door.
The top of that staircase and a hallway, with an elliptical sculpture hanging above it all.
A bedroom with a bed and a large houseplant and window.
A backyard with trees along a table wooden fence.