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Four-floor contemporary in Brookline on sale for $2.625 million

It’s the product of a renovation of a 100-year-old property near the border with Boston

A dining room with a table and chairs next to floor-to-ceiling windows that meet at a corner. Hammond Residential

The bones of the 2,830-square-foot house at 108 Griggs Road in Brookline near the Boston border date from 1920. The house has been redone—via Boston-based developer Urbaness—as a sleek contemporary, however.

It’s now on the market through Hammond Residential for a cool $2.625 million. The house has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. And, true to form, it’s airy and full of natural light.

Also, even with a tag that pencils out to $927 a square foot, 108 Griggs might be considered a deal by modern Brookline standards. Just look at No. 12’s place.

The mahogany wood entrance of a townhouse, with a few narrow steps leading to the door.
An open kitchen with a large island in the middle.
An airy living room with a chair and a sectional couch, and there are built-in shelves.
A bedroom with a couch facing the bed, and the ceiling is peaked with sunlights.
A smaller bedroom with a bed and a peaked ceiling.
The exterior of a three-story, attached contemporary townhouse.