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Louisburg Square fixer-upper on sale for $10.5 million

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The 11-room, nine-fireplace federal townhouse in the tony Beacon Hill enclave could use some work, its listing says

A stately living room with furniture facing a fireplace. Photos via Campion & Company

The federal-style townhouse at 6 Louisburg Square in Beacon Hill dates from 1840, and retains signs of that provenance throughout its 7,494 square feet. That includes the nine fireplaces, the molding, and the hardwood floors.

The age isn’t all good, however—something 6 Louisburg’s listing through Campion & Company is frank about. The townhouse “is awaiting a custom renovation to transform it into the masterpiece it once was.”

First, though, there’s the matter of the bill. The townhouse is asking $10.5 million as of the weekend. The tag isn’t that surprising given Louisburg Square’s reputation as one of Boston’s toniest enclaves and the sheer size of the townhouse itself.

In fact, it might even be considered a song. There’s another similarly sized townhouse at 17 Louisburg Square that’s asking $20.5 million. What’d you think?

The exterior of a slender four-story townhouse.
A long living room with furniture and two large windows at the end.
A dining room with a table and chairs as well as a fireplace.
A sitting room with four chairs arranged around a fireplace.