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A 13-room, seven-fireplace Brookline spread near the Boston border wants $4.2 million

The house—technically deeded as a condo—also comes with a room just for wine-tasting and a theater

A pool table in a large entry foyer, with a staircase next to it. Photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker

The 13-room, 7,616-square-foot 27 Colchester Street in Brookline, near the border with Boston, is technically a condo per its deed. But it’s obviously much, much more.

The de facto house dating from 1898 includes seven fireplaces, five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen, and a foyer apparently big enough for a pool table. There’s also a wine-tasting room and a theater.

The three-story property is on sale now through Coldwell Banker for $4.2 million, or $551 a square foot—which might be considered song over the line in Boston.

A three-story, rectangular house with a soccer goal on the lawn in front of it.
A large living room with a fireplace at one end and plush furniture arranged throughout.
A sitting room with a couch and a chair in front of a fireplace, and there’s a bright painting and a bright rug.
A large kitchen with a large island.
A large dining room with a table and chairs as well as a fireplace.
A spacious bedroom with a bed and a mirror above the bed.
A wine-tasting room with racks for the bottles and a table and chairs, and it’s all visible through a glass wall.
A home theater with three chairs between two couches that are facing each other.
A spacious stone patio with lots of furniture facing a lawn with soccer goals at either end.