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Dorchester condo carved out of a single-family on sale for $475,000

It’s one of three units in the property between Codman Square and Lower Mills

An airy living room with arched ceilings and furniture. Photos via Keller Williams

The property at 66 Edson Street between Codman Square and Lower Mills in mighty, mighty Dorchester had been a single-family home. But it sold in foreclosure in October 2017 for $385,000, and a subsequent owner demolished the house in 2018, replacing it with a three-unit condo development.

It’s the sort of metamorphosis that Boston really needs more of if its housing supply ever hopes to overtake the demand for it. For decades, zoning and convention in the city and in surrounding communities encouraged just the opposite sort of housing: single- and two-family projects in place of multifamily.

This particular smaller-scale multifamily includes three units on sale now for $475,000, $525,000, and $565,000. Unit 3 is the $475,000 one—a 981-square-foot two bedroom with one and a half bathrooms. (The other two are three-bedrooms, two-bathrooms.)

The spread, which Keller Williams’ Olga Ban is listing, includes central air and an in-unit washer-dryer as well as two assigned off-street parking spots. What’d you think?

An airy open kitchen at the top of some stairs.
A closeup of that kitchen, where the counters meet at a right angle.
A small bedroom with a bed and a window, and part of the wall is jutting out.
A rectangular, empty deck.
An empty bedroom with a wall indention.