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Condo in historic Chelsea Queen Anne Victorian on sale for $425,000

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom is one of four units in the converted house that a potato baron built

A large living room with two doors off it, and there’s an ornate fireplace dominating the room; it’s empty otherwise. Photos via Boston Harbor Real Estate

C. Henry Kimball built the Queen Anne Victorian at 295 Washington Avenue in Chelsea in the late 1880s for his family. Kimball had made a pile in heated railcars and vegetable and fruit trading (including via those heated railcars)—the Boston Globe once referred to him as a “potato baron.”

His Queen Anne was converted into four condos in 1989, and now one is available for $425,000 through Boston Harbor Real Estate’s Jeffrey Bowen. It’s the sort of price tag plus space typical of Boston’s northern neighbor. There are deals in Chelsea, in other words.

This particular condo—Unit 1—runs to 2,133 square feet and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are vestiges of the larger house’s provenance, including the fireplace, the stained glass, and the moldings. But a new owner would likely need to do some work. What’d you think?

A two-and-a-half-story square house with a turret in one corner.
An empty living room area with two closed sliding doors and a stained glass window.
A bay window with three windows.
An empty parlor with three windows, a closed door, a ceiling fan, and checkered-patterned floor.
A small, sparse kitchen area at the top of some stairs.
A bathroom with a standing sink, a tub without a curtain, a narrow closet door, and there’s no toilet visible.