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Cute Brookline two-bedroom on sale for under $500,000

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Not every listing in Boston’s western neighbor has to run into the millions—this Coolidge Corner spread proves it

A small living room-kitchen area with furniture. Photos via Coldwell Banker

Not every Brookline listing is of the titanic variety, the sort quickly spiraling into the millions or the several millions (or the sort involving Tom Brady). That is especially true the closer you get to the town’s border with Boston.

Case in point: Unit 3 at 35A-37A Harvard Street in the Coolidge Corner area.

The 571-square-foot two-bedroom, one-bathroom is asking $469,000 through Coldwell Banker. That’s well below the $542,500 median condo sales price for the wider Boston region as of the start of 2020.

Also, Unit 3 is in a six-unit, 100-year-old building that’s seen some improvements during the past couple of years, including a new boiler and a new shared dryer. What’d you think?

The same living room-kitchen area, but a closeup on the kitchen, with a table and chairs in the foreground.
A small bedroom with a bed and two windows.
A bedroom with three windows and crib.
A narrow bathroom with the curtain pulled back on the shower.
The first-floor exterior of a building with concrete stairs leading to the front door.