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Big reveal: The rent on a renovated Jamaica Plain two-bedroom

A lot of Curbed Boston readers nailed this one—did you?

A smallish kitchen with a small island, and there’s lots of natural light. Listed by: Celdra Allen/Sotheby’s International

Address: 79 Paul Gore Street, #3

Rent: $2,700

The results: Some 33 percent of Curbed Boston readers guessed the correct rent for this 1,230-square-foot apartment with a washer-dryer and a couple of porches.

The sum $2,900 came in a narrow second with 32 percent, and $3,150 was a distant third with 17 percent. Thanks for playing.

The corner of a small living room with windows, and the corner’s crowded with a filing cabinet and a desk with a computer.
A living room-dining room area as seen through a wide door connecting the two, and there’s furniture.
A bedroom with a bed, two windows, and a dresser.
A bathroom with a sink and a tub, and the tub’s curtain is open.
A small back deck with a table and chairs.