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Redone Fort Point condo with glass-enclosed bedroom asks $900,000

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A gut-renovation produced the spread with waterfront views

An open kitchen-living room area with a glass-enclosed bedroom in the background. Photos via Compass

The 870-square-foot Unit 403 at 33 Sleeper Street in the Fort Point-Seaport District borderlands is the product of a gut renovation.

That work left the high-ceilinged, open-space spread with a very contemporary look (and kitchen) but also with its sole bedroom snazzily enclosed in etched glass. Doors slide open for access to the room.

Unit 403 is asking $900,000—or $1,031 a square foot—through Compass. As high as that might appear, it’s actually on the less expensive end for that area of Boston. A report that culled closed deals in the fourth quarter of 2019 found the Seaport’s median condo sales price to be about $1.37 million, and its average price per square foot $1,378.

An open dining room and kitchen area with a counter separating them, and there are chairs and a table in the dining area.
A close-up of the glass-enclosed bedroom, with the opaqueness and etchings of the glass clear.
A sectional couch and a table next to the glassed-in bedroom.
The bed and the window behind the glass.
A small bathroom with the tub half-enclosed in glass.