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West Cambridge mansion with eight fireplaces on sale for $15.5 million

And of course the 14-room spread isn’t even the most expensive home for sale in the People’s Republic

An aerial view of a large mansion with an in-ground pool out back.
The aerial view shows the scope we’re talking about.
Listed by: Gail Roberts/Coldwell Banker

The 14-room, eight-fireplace mansion at 157 Brattle Street in West Cambridge is asking $15.5 million as of Valentines Day. That makes it—wait for it—the second most expensive home for sale in Cambridge.

The first would be a 7,077-square-foot modern mansion nearby at 46 Fayerweather Street that’s asking $500,000 more. That hit the market during the first week of February.

The 9,594-square-foot spread at 157 Brattle is the product of a renovation of a 125-year-old property along Cambridge’s famed Tory Row. It comes with all the bells and whistles, from stained glass to a gym to a heated in-ground pool. There’s also a two-car garage. Have a look via the Gail Roberts/Coldwell Banker listing.

The large, capacious entry foyer with a staircase.
The size of the place becomes immediately apparent upon entering.
A modern dining room with a table and chairs as well as a fireplace.
There’s a built-in cabinet in the dining room.
A large kitchen with a large island, and there’s an oven built into the side of the island.
The large kitchen features an oven in the island.
A large bedroom with a four-post bed, a chair, and a fireplace.
The house has five bedrooms.
A laundry room with a large sink and a side-by-side washer-dryer.
You’d expect a laundry room in a place this size.
A small corner bar area at the bottom of some stairs.
And there’s a bar in the finished basement.