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Back Bay two-bedroom with a big private terrace asks $1,000-plus a square foot

Seems about right, right? The 450-square-foot outdoor space overlooks one of Boston’s tonier streets

An airy living room with furniture.
Laundry in the building comes free with the condo.
Photos via Bento Real Estate/Darcy Bento

The location alone probably justifies the price tag for the recently listed Unit 7 at 278 Clarendon Street in Boston’s hyper-desirable Back Bay.

Then there’s the 450-square-foot private terrace overlooking Clarendon itself. That adds a dimension to the property that in turn adds to its value. Back Bay is not one of those neighborhoods where buyers normally encounter sizable outdoor space. Its density and history preclude that.

Along with the terrace, the condo has two bedrooms and two bathrooms within its 1,047 interior square feet.

As for that price tag, it’s $1.15 million through Bento Real Estate’s Darcy Bento. That pencils out to $1,098 and change a square foot (interior). The citywide condo sales average in January was $812. What’d you think?

A small kitchen with a single counter.
The building at 278 Clarendon dates from 1870.
An airy bedroom with a bed in front of a bay window.
The HOA fee for the two-bedroom spread is $920.
A bathroom with a small sink with two legs holding it up next to the toilet.
There are two full bathrooms.
A second-floor roof deck with an awning over the door leading on to it. There’s a couch.
This is a sizable amount of outdoor space for Back Bay.
Another angle for the terrace, showing a table and chairs under the awning.
The terrace overlooks Clarendon Street, which was named for one of England’s dukedoms.
A kind of L-shaped brick building with three floors and at the corner of two city streets.
This is the 1870 building.