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Charlestown fixer-upper retails for $750,000

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The rowhouse dating from 1890 on the neighborhood’s northern fringe comes with the potential for four bedrooms

A row of two-story brick houses.
The two-story rowhouse with a red-and-white front door went up in 1870.
Photos via Prestige Homes

The rowhouse at 510 Medford Street in the northern reaches of Boston’s historic Charlestown includes the potential for four bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms.

“Potential” is the operative word here. The 1,370-square-foot attached single-family dating from 1890 needs a lot of renovation, per its Prestige Homes listing.

First there’s the matter of the bill. The rowhouse is asking $749,900—or $547.37 a square foot.

How does that compare to other such properties? A report covering closed deals during the final three months of 2019 pegged the median downtown Boston townhouse sales price at $1,311,500. So this one falls decidedly on the south side of the price range. What’d you think?

A kitchen in need of repair work, including fixing the sink.
The renovations might start in the kitchen.
Another angle on the kitchen, with the stand-alone stove and oven in the foreground.
The townhouse has plenty of exposed brick.
A downstairs living room with two couches and a stairwell visible through an opening.
There is wall-to-wall carpeting in most rooms.
A hallway at the top of some narrow stairs.
And there’s carpeting in the upstairs hallway.
A small, largely empty bedroom with two windows.
One of the potential four bedrooms.
Another similarly sized—and similarly empty—bedroom with two windows.
The rowhouse last sold in 2007, though it’s unclear for how much.