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South Boston Victorian with four bedrooms asks $850,000

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There are two parking spots for sale with the place too—those are $100,000 each

The top landing of an old house, with the stair railing visible and other rooms visible.
The bones of the house date from 1900.
Photos via Compass

The seven-room, two-fireplace Victorian at 17 Old Harbor Street in Southie’s Telegraph Hill dates from 1900, and has been updated while retaining some of that 120-year-old charm.

The house—on sale now through Compass for $850,000—includes the original mantels for said fireplaces as well as much of the original flooring. Those updates include the modern kitchen, of course, and central air. There’s an unfinished basement too with a washer-dryer.

And! There are a couple of parking spots for the place on sale separately. Those are asking $100,000 each.

As for the tag for the house, it’s probably on the less expensive side for Boston relatively speaking. The median sales price for downtown townhouses, including in South Boston, was $1,311,500 at the end of 2019, according to appraiser Miller Samuel and brokerage Douglas Elliman.

A spacious bedroom with a bed.
There are four bedrooms.
Another landing on the stairs, with the railing featuring prominently and a plant on a little shelf.
Much of the original flooring remains throughout.
A kitchen with a run of cabinets above a counter.
The house has gas heat.
Another, longer view of the kitchen, with another run of counters visible and a cabinet and a small counter at the end.
The house is near Thomas Park in South Boston.
An entry foyer with a close-up on the banister of the main stairs, and a fireplace visible in the living room to the side.
There are two fireplaces.