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These are the Twitter accounts to follow about Boston real estate

These feeds are for prospective homebuyers in the Boston region to check for trends, analysis, and data

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Twitter can be an abyss of time-wastage. It can also be a good way to keep up with news and analysis, including when it comes to the Boston area’s hyper-competitive, oft-evolving real estate market.

These are the feeds to follow if you’re looking to divine where things in the region are pricing-, sales-, and development-wise and where they might be going.

In general

@CurbedBoston. Well, of course. In this feed, you’ll find every article that Curbed Boston publishes, plus stories from across the national Curbed network.

@GlobeHomes. This feed highlights just about every real estate-related news, analysis, and trend piece that the Boston Globe publishes. It’s a good clearinghouse in particular for big-picture stuff about the housing market.

@GBREB. Wondering what your broker’s thinking? Or your landlord? Check out this feed from the Greater Boston Real Estate Board.

@GBAR. Along the same lines, this feed follows the open thoughts of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors.

@warrengrp. Want data on the housing market? Want analysis? How about analysis about data on the housing market? This feed for research site and publisher the Warren Group will provide.

@BostonHBD. Broker John Keith writes this feed, which includes market analysis and information on notable deals.

@mhphousing. This is a wonky feed on regional housing policy run by the nonprofit Massachusetts Housing Partnership.


@WelcomeToDot. This is the unofficial Twitter feed for Dorchester, Boston’s largest neighborhood.

@maureencaught. This is the feed for Caught in Southie, a very service-y site about—you guessed it—South Boston.

@NorthEndBoston. It’s in the name—the feed for North End/Waterfront, which runs down so much of what’s going on in one of Boston’s most desirable enclaves.

@allstonratcity. The unabashedly direct Twitter feed that Boston’s Allston deserves.

@FortPointer. This feed serves as a relentless chronicler and occasional critic of development and infrastructure plans—and any lack thereof—in Fort Point and the neighboring Seaport.

@JP_02130. A good digest for keeping tabs on the trends, including in real estate, in Boston’s Jamaica Plain.