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Renovated Dorchester Victorian with five bedrooms asks under $750,000

The St. Marks spread comes with three levels of living space and that rare thing in Boston: a lawn

A kitchen with counters on either side and an island in the middle.
The kitchen includes a gas range and a mini-bar.
Photos via Compass

The bones of the 10-room, three-level Victorian at 37 Allston Street in mighty Dorchester’s St. Marks area date from 1880. The spread has been updated, of course, and is now retailing through Compass for $729,000.

The house comes with five bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and two fireplaces. There is also a bonafide lawn out back, not the most common of home accoutrement in Boston. There’s a basement with a washer-dryer too.

As for the price, it’s on the north side of the median for detached single-families in Boston, according to the latest data. For the size though—2,043 square feet, thereby penciling out to $356 a square foot—37 Allston’s asking seems eminently reasonable.

The exterior of a three-story, standalone house with a partially triangular top.
The house dates from 1880.
A sizable and sunny entry foyer with a staircase.
The foyer is pretty big in itself.
A dining room with a table and chairs next to a fireplace.
There are two fireplaces, including in the dining room.
The top landing and hallway of some stairs.
There are three levels of living space.
A bedroom with a bed and three windows.
There are five bedrooms.
The back of a three-story house with a small patio and a sizable lawn.
The backyard includes a lawn.