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Sunny Philly-style condo in Somerville asks just under $950,000

The duplex comes with a large patio and the potential to add a basement space

The front porch of a condo building, with a front door and a couple of chairs.
The building near Tufts dates from 1920.
Photos via Rutledge Properties

Unit 10 at 10 Teele Avenue right near Tufts University in Somerville is that rare but not unheard of thing in the Boston area: a Philly-style home.

In fact, Somerville might host the largest share regionally of such properties, whose defining characteristics include separate front doors to the outside for homes in the same building—as opposed to, say, the much more ubiquitous triple-decker, which will have a shared front door that in turn leads to the stairs that lead to the front doors for individual units. Units in a Philly will also share a floor in a two-family, and they tend to be duplexes at least.

Unit 10 checks two of the three boxes. While the 1,275-square-foot duplex does not have an outside front door, it does share a property with one other unit. It’s on sale now through Rutledge Properties’ Kirsten Daley Bartlett for $949,900.

The sunny three-bedroom with two and a half bathrooms comes with access to a large fenced-in patio and the potential for a finished basement area too.

As for the price, it’s, shall we say, competitive. A Greater Boston Association of Realtors report pegged the median condo sales price for metro Boston, including Somerville, at $692,500 in January.

An empty patio that’s fenced in.
This is a lot of outdoor space, shared or not, by West Somerville standards.
A sunny bedroom with a bed next to two windows.
There are three bedrooms.
An open kitchen with an L-shaped counter.
The condo’s price per square foot is $745.02.
A closeup on the fridge and a stacked washer-dryer next to it.
Never mind the breakfast bar, the kitchen has a washer-dryer.
An open dining room next to a kitchen, with a table and chairs.
Much of the Philly leans on an open floorplan.
An empty basement area with exposed beams and ducts.
There’s that potential for a finished basement area.