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Fort Point penthouse loft wants $1.55 million

The cavernous corner unit has one bedroom right now, but there’s potential for more—and lots of brick and beam

A cavernous and long living room with exposed bricks and beams and several large windows.
The building dates from 1911—and a very different era for that portion of Boston waterfront.
Photos via Donnelly + Company

Boston’s Fort Point is one of the best areas in the city for homebuyers hunting for a loft. The neighborhood’s seafaring and industrial past left behind many buildings with capacious interiors and oversized windows, never mind plenty of exposed brick and beam.

The 109-year-old former warehouse at 15 Sleeper Street is a good example of such buildings repurposed. And its Unit 502—retailing now for $1.55 million through Donnelly + Company’s James Souza—is an excellent example of the residential lofts that spring from them.

The 1,450-square-foot cavern has lots of exposed brick and beam, and a run of oversized windows. And, while it’s a one-bedroom now, the listing makes clear that the condo could easily host two or three.

As for that price, it’s hefty, no getting around that—the median Boston condo price was $700,000 as of the end of the January—but it is a choice location right across the channel from downtown and right next to the Seaport District and Southie. What’d you think?

The end of the living room, with a brick wall and a single window as well as furniture.
The HOA fee for this condo in the 89-unit building is $686.11.
A bedroom with a very high ceiling and a bed, and two large windows.
There’s one bedroom—for now.
A close-up of a small kitchen with a large, tall counter with stools in front of it.
The loft includes central air.
A bathroom with a long counter and the toilet in a cubby hole at the end.
There’s one bathroom.