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Big reveal: A Somerville three-bedroom in Teele Square near Tufts

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Very few Curbed Boston readers guessed this one—did you?

A sunny dining room with a bay window and a table and chairs. Photos via the Rasner Group/Keller Williams

Address: 7 Farragut Avenue, #1

Price: $599,900

The results: Whoa. Only 9 percent of Curbed Boston readers guessed the correct asking price for this 1,200-square-foot three-bedroom, one-bathroom with a sizable foyer and a building with laundry.

Instead, most readers went long. The biggest vote-getter was $729,000 with 36 percent, and $785,500 captured second with 29 percent. Third place went to $699,900 with 18 percent. Thanks for playing!

A sunny, airy living room with a bay window and furniture.
A kitchen with an L-shaped counter and a fridge.
A bedroom with a bed next to two windows.
A large foyer with a closed front door.