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Downtown Boston loft with a raised living room on sale for $1.5 million

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The cavernous expanse in a former Boston Edison plant includes 16-foot windows and a loft within the loft

Aerial view of an open condo with a very high ceiling and a raised living room with an open kitchen next to it.
The condo’s most striking feature is that openness.
Photos via Commonwealth Real Estate

`Tis true downtown isn’t one of the best areas in Boston to shop for lofts. But there are some options. Take Unit 9A at 42 Chauncy Street

The 2,249-square-foot condo in an old Boston Edison power plant that was converted to residences nearly 20 years ago includes 17-foot ceilings and 16-foot windows. And there’s a loft within the loft that contains the condo’s sole bedroom.

There’s also a raised living room, one of the touches from a 2012 makeover that Boston-based architecture outfit Stern McCafferty oversaw. There’s also a “hidden TV” within that living room, according to the Commonwealth Real Estate listing for Unit 9A.

It’s on sale for $1.499 million, or $666 a square foot.

The view of a balconied sleeping area in an open loft with very high ceilings.
There’s a loft within a loft.
A capacious living room with a couch facing a bank of shelves.
Can you find the hidden TV?
A long, open kitchen with counters on either side.
The building dates from 1899.
A bathroom with two basin sinks on a vanity and the vanity ends at an open shower.
There are two full bathrooms.
An open bedroom with a bed before a balcony railing.
Now to the top of the loft.