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The Somerset Sets a New Sales Record

And boy, did it set a record—by over $1 million. Why?

The T Is Looking for New Ways to Cut Costs

After expanding its student fare reduction program that decreases revenue, the T is also looking for ways to cut costs.

Medford Housing Market Stays Strong in Sales

Medford real estate is holding steady in its value. And depending on the the house, the value may end up being quite a bit over the asking price.

Boston ranks as third most expensive city in the nation

This is not a shocker

Downtown Crossing at Night

The neighborhood is steadily changing, and the pictures prove it.

It Pays to Be a Student on the T

No car? No problem! The T just gave students even more of a break.

Looking for Faces in Boston’s Landscapes

Buildings are beautiful. Especially in Boston. But people are eye-catching, too. So in a battle for our attention, which one wins? Let’s look at some major landmarks for to judge.

Quincy’s Looking Mighty Fine as West of Chestnut Hits 50% Mark

A major milestone has been reached, with half of the building’s units reaching pre-leasing.

Pop-up Plaza Appears in Downtown Crossing

Did you see it?

Gamify the Boston Skyline

How confident would you be if you had to identify the city’s iconic architecture? This game aims to find out.