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Boston searching for design and construction firm for City Hall Plaza revamp

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Five-year plan

The exterior of the Boston City Hall. The building has a flat roof and many windows. Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock

Boston is officially looking for a single firm to design and carry out a major renovation of City Hall and its surrounding plaza.

The five-year plan, which could cost more than $80 million, includes more trees throughout what’s now largely a civic tundra and a potentially 5,000-square-foot restaurant on City Hall’s third floor.

An entrance across from Hanover Street would also be reopened and the main staircase in the third-floor lobby would be removed.

Most of the spending, though, would go toward shoring up the plaza itself, according to Mayor Marty Walsh. Like an old house, the approximately 50-year-old expanse needs better waterproofing as well as surface improvements.