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Financial District’s 50 Post Office Square makeover: Renderings

‘Building within a building’

LaSalle Investment Management, owner of 50 Post Office Square in Boston’s Financial District, is out with renderings of a new lobby and deck it has planned for the 20-story Art Deco office building.

The most noticeable change at the street level—and for people who work in the building—will be a new glass lobby on its High Street side. That will feature a 35-foot-high glass curtain enclosure and a 100-foot-long LED band wrapping around the lobby.

That band will continuously roll out animations based on what exterior and interior sensors pick up (the scene on the sidewalk outside, for instance).

Administrators on the back end will also be able to customize the screen’s content, including for special events such as the Boston Marathon or, we imagine, the Patriots’ next Super Bowl appearance.

LaSalle calls the medium the first of its kind in the Boston area. The company also plans to add a sixth-floor deck. Work is supposed to wrap on everything this summer.