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Somerville’s Amazon pitch imagines multiple sites along the Orange Line

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And not just in Somerville

A subway train pulling away from a tall, glassy station. Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

In perhaps the most sweeping Massachusetts pitch for Amazon’s second headquarters, Somerville is proposing the e-commerce behemoth choose several sites in five cities along or near the Orange Line.

The cities would, of course, include Somerville, but also Cambridge, Boston (which has its own separate Amazon bid in the works), Everett, and Chelsea.

The idea is simple: As Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone put it, the region needs to “break out” of its provincialism and realize that it’s a densely packed region of dozens of municipalities that, for most people, bleed into one another (hence why a lot of folks simply say “Boston” when asked where they live or where they’re from).

Several sites along a public transit route would also allow for the scope Amazon is hoping for in its new HQ: 8 million square feet, eventually, for 50,000 employees.

Will Somerville’s idea take? We like it (for what that’s worth). But Boston is moving ahead with its own vision, which imagines the HQ contained in one site, or at least within only a few sites—and only in Boston.

Bids are due October 19. Stay tuned.