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Dudley library branch’s $14.7M renovation will let in the light

Work to last through 2019

Renderings via Utile

Renovation work officially commenced on October 21 that is expected to transform the Boston Public Library’s 39-year-old Dudley branch in Roxbury from a kind of fortress-like concrete monolith into a more open, light-filled pavilion.

The $14.7 million, 27,000-square-foot project, which Boston-based Utile Architecture & Planning has designed, will feature glass walls and a new entrance overlooking a plaza.

The aim, according to Utile, is “to create a more welcoming, accessible, and contemporary library experience for the Dudley Square community.”

The branch will be closed from November 17 until the spring of 2020 to accommodate the work. These are the latest renderings.