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Wonderland Greyhound Park demolition leaves big question mark beside the Blue Line

Amazon HQ?


Workers are demolishing the facilities of Wonderland Greyhound Park, including its clubhouse and grandstand, on the way toward leveling the former dog-racing palace and leaving in its place a 38-acre question mark just off the Wonderland stop of the busy, busy Blue Line.

What will become of the old track in Revere?

A clue might be found in the action of its owner at another major site near the Blue Line. CPW Lending, which includes investors from New York and Boston, sold the 161-acre site of Suffolk Downs on the Revere-Boston border to HYM Investment Group this past spring.

That developer has been involved in such recent larger-scale projects as Cambridge’s NorthPoint and Brighton’s Boston Landing, never mind the six-building Bulfinch Crossing in downtown Boston. Housing and retail, then, are very much a possibility for the Suffolk Downs site.

As for the Wonderland Greyhound Park site, it’s still anyone’s guess. So let’s guess! CPW wants to sell the parcel at just the time e-commerce giant Amazon is looking to open a second headquarters—and states such as Massachusetts are courting it.

Might the tenant and its site meet just off the Blue Line?

If not an Amazon HQ, then certainly housing or perhaps a business campus—a la plans for the old Flower Exchange site in the South End—are in the offing. Something’s going up there. Stay tuned.