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Back Bay Station towers get major green light from city

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1.26 million square feet

A group of tall buildings with a pedestrian plaza in the foreground. Pelli Clarke Pelli/Boston Properties

The Boston Planning and Development Agency on November 16 signed off on developer Boston Properties’ plans to build 1.26 million square feet of housing, offices, and retail over and around Back Bay Station.

The vote caps well over a year of wrangling over the project, in particular the shadows it would likely cast. One of its three new towers is expected to reach 364 feet.

Boston Properties reached a deal with opponents concerned about the shadows just before the November 16 vote. The developer will pay $3 million to opponents such as the Old South Church to mitigate the impact and a further $3 million to an affordable housing fund that Boston runs.

The project is envisioned as a kind of transformative gateway connecting Back Bay and the South End; and includes improvements to the station itself.