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Old Boston Globe site in Dorchester would become office complex under new plans

Life sciences, tech maybe

The Boston Globe’s former 16.5-acre site off Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester would become an office complex with an emphasis on technology and/or life sciences companies, according to plans from owner Nordblom Development Co.

The plans, which the Burlington-based company filed with the city in early November, also include plans for restaurants and maybe even a craft brewery.

The centerpiece of any development would be a redevelopment of the 723,000-square-foot building on the site (which you may remember from the movies).

A review of the proposal is expected to last months.

The Globe moved from its 59-year-old home in June for space on State Street in downtown Boston. Nordblom reached an agreement in August to buy the Dorchester site, and expects to close on the deal before the end of 2017.