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Widett Circle acreage to go on sale between South End and South Boston

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Almost 20 acres

Photo via Boston Magazine

The New Boston Food Market is expected to put almost 20 acres of Widett Circle between the South End and South Boston up for sale this week.

By dint of its location, the site will instantly become one of the choicest in the Boston region in terms of development potential.

The only big variable is the price: As the Globe’s Tim Logan notes, the co-op of food vendors that owns several large warehouses in Widett Circle has yet to set an asking tag. That will come very soon, though, and a bidding war is expected to follow.

No wonder as such large commercial sites in Boston have proven quite popular with developers of late.

Witness plans for the former Boston Flower Exchange in the South End—now slated to be a four-building project with 1.6 million square feet of commercial, technology, and life science research space.

Or check out the tentative 2.1 million-square-foot, multi-building plans for the long-shuttered New Boston Generating Station in South Boston.

Or, for that matter, much of the Seaport District in general.

The New Boston Food Market hopes to line up a buyer for its 20 acres of Widett by early 2018. After that, we’ll see what happens.