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South Boston condo development would replace three existing buildings

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Big for the area

A Milton-based developer has proposed replacing three commercial buildings where West Broadway meets East Broadway in South Boston with a five-story condo development with 44 units and 48 underground parking spaces.

There would also be just over 5,700 square feet of ground-floor amenity space for residents. Thirty-eight of the condos would be market-rate and six designated as affordable, per the Herald’s Donna Goodison.

The project, officially at 463 West Broadway, would be the biggest new one in that immediate area in a while. A lot of the most recent residential development in Southie has been well to the west of 463 West Broadway, toward both the Broadway and Andrew T stops.

For instance, the same developer that wants to build at 463 West Broadway is part of the team that wants to replace the Gulf station at 87-93 West Broadway, near the Broadway T stop, with 65 apartments.