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Eastie developer offers to shovel playground’s sidewalks in exchange for approval

Other sweeteners, too

Here’s one way to win over residents perhaps skeptical of a new development in their midst: Offer to shovel snow from the sidewalks in front of the local playground for the next 10 years.

That is precisely what Wakefield-based CB Equities Saratoga Street LLC has proposed for its would-be residential development at 944-946 Saratoga Street in East Boston’s Orient Heights along the busy, busy Blue Line.

The 42-unit development, which would include 39 market-rate apartments, would replace an car mechanic next to the Noyes Playground.

Hence the sidewalk-shoveling offer. The developer would also provide grass seed for the park/playground in the spring and the fall, and provide toilets for Little League games there as well as plant trees along the street and add five parking spots.

Will the $25,000 commitment move the project forward? Stay tuned. CB Equities Saratoga wants to start construction in spring 2018 and finish in fall 2019.