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East Boston’s Slip65 sells out in under eight weeks

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80 waterfront condos

All 80 of the condos at the planned Slip65 at 65 Lewis Street on the East Boston waterfront have sold out or are under agreement, according to developer Lendlease.

It took less than eight weeks for marketer the Collaborative Companies to reach that milestone.

The project is in pre-construction and is expected to open next year. Asking prices ranged from $700 to more than $1,200 a square foot—the latter quite a milestone itself for East Boston

Slip65 is part of a larger 12-acre development called Clippership Wharf that will include 478 residential units total as well as ground-floor commercial space, public space, and hundreds of parking spots.

All of this, as Clippership Wharf’s backers like to point out, is but a 10-minute water-taxi ride from downtown Bostonor one Blue Line stop away.