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Underground at Ink Block, Boston’s newest park, opening under I-93 overpass

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Public-private partnership

Photo via Facebook

Boston’s newest park—the Underground at Ink Block at 90 Traveler Street, beneath an I-93 overpass in the South End—will open Saturday, September 9.

The grand opening is at 2 p.m., but there will be a Pilates class there in the morning.

Which is kind of the point. MassDOT spent $8.5 million building out the park as an example of utilizing otherwise unused surplus space. And what’s more unused than an Interstate underpass?

National Development, the same folks who brought you the massive Ink Block complex nearby, will manage the new park (hence the name), including providing 24/7 security and ginning up events such as the pilates class.

The expanse will be quite colorful, too, with artists’ murals and bright paint on the pavement.

The Underground at Ink Block—or Underground Ink—also has some beefy backers besides National Development. Reebok is helping host Saturday’s grand opening.