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Floating hotel in Boston? Old dry dock could get that, plus a park

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Official plans forthcoming


Boston is expected this spring to solicit ideas for remaking the so-called Dry Dock #4 behind the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion.

Already, two separate entities have put forth two separate ideas for the spit. One calls for converting it into much-sought-after parkland for that area of the city. The other calls for parkland as well as a floating hotel of 300 to 500 rooms.

As the Globe’s Jon Chesto notes, such proposals are only possible because the Boston Planning & Development Agency is considering relaxing restrictions that limit Dry Dock #4’s use to commercial marine and port activities.

The city is expected to issue a formal solicitation for ideas this spring. And then whatever it picks could be a long time in coming: The dock needs millions in repairs.

Meanwhile, other changes continue apace in that area of the Seaport.