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Citgo sign will shine on as part of major Kenmore Square redevelopment

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Ends years-long drama

Boston’s venerable Citgo sign—and views of it—will be preserved in a major redevelopment in Kenmore Square.

Related Beal filed its long-awaited plans last week for several buildings that it acquired from Boston University in late 2016, including 660 Beacon Street, which the 60-foot-by-60-foot Citgo sign has bestrode since 1965.

That acquisition immediately set off speculation that the sign was doomed. Organized opposition to its demolition arose even before the sale, when BU announced it was putting the buildings on the block.

Related Beal and the oil concern behind the sign struck a deal in March 2017 intended to keep the clarion beaming for decades.

And it will do so from amid a major office development.

The Globe’s Tim Logan reports that that development will include some 400,000 square feet, including through the demolition of three buildings to make way for an eight-story, 165,000-square-foot office building at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Deerfield Street.

Six of the nine buildings that Related Beal own will remain, though with upgrades.