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Boston Globe’s former headquarters would become office complex with brewery

Maybe co-working space, too

Nordblom Co.

Developer Nordblom wants to transform the Boston Globe’s old headquarters at 135 Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester into a kind of Valhalla of tech-centric office space, complete with wide-open interiors and tons of natural light.

The newspaper vacated its home of nearly six decades in June 2017 for a new headquarters on State Street in downtown Boston. The 16.5-acre Dot site has been empty since.

Nordblom bought it late last year, and released detailed plans for the main building on January 30.

The company also has a snazzy name for the would-be complex: The BEAT, both an homage to its inky roots and an acronym for the Boston Exchange for Accelerated Technology.

Rendering of the capacious interior of a mall-like building, complete with lots of people and a large set of stairs in the middle. Nordblom

The reimagined building would not only house cavernous offices, but also possibly touches such as co-working space and even a brewpub (because that’s how the millennials roll these days).

Nordblom does not envision any new buildings at the site nor any housing, per Tim Logan at the, well, Globe. Stay tuned.