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EchelonSeaport lobbies and amenities meant to be ‘extension of the home’: designer

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50,000 square feet worth

Jeffrey Beers International

The 50,000 square feet in lobbies and amenities at the three-tower EchelonSeaport in Boston’s busy, busy Seaport District will be designed as “an extension of the home.”

That is according to Jeffrey Beers, whose eponymous firm developer Cottonwood Management has tapped to design the space in the condo-and-apartment towers at 133 and 135 Seaport boulevard. The project is Beers’ first residential one in Boston.

That space is due to include two outdoor pool terraces, fitness facilities that include an indoor basketball court, an indoor relaxation pool, a golf simulator, a library, a children’s playroom, and lounges high up in each tower.

Jeffrey Beers International

Here was Beers on the aesthetics of the spaces in a release from Cottonwood:

In a single word: community. We have a wealth of amenities, especially outdoor spaces, which blend into indoor spaces, each servicing diverse functions and appealing to different tastes. They share a common goal: Echelon’s amenities are an extension of the home, they are about expanding the definition of your residence, bringing people together and creating connectivity.

EchelonSeaport is supposed to start opening in 2019. It’s slated to have 717 apartments and condos total, with most condos.

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