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Dock Square Garage in downtown Boston could sprout nearly 200 housing units

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Tentative plans

Photo via BldUp

The Dock Square Garage at 20 Clinton Street in downtown Boston could sprout 195 apartments or condos under plans that Brooklyn-based developer Fortis Property Group filed with the Boston Planning & Development Agency on January 8.

The property across from the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway would become the latest Boston garage marked for redevelopment. Think the massive Government Center Garage redo known as Bulfinch Crossing or the proposal to remake the Winthrop Square Garage into one of Boston’s tallest tower.

In the case of the 698-space Dock Square, Fortis would re-clad the building (which also includes a Hard Rock Cafe), reduce the number of parking spaces to 538, and add a nine-story, 194-foot building with either condos or apartments.

More details are expected in the coming months, per the Globe’s Tim Logan. Stay tuned.