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Bunker Hill public housing redevelopment in Charlestown prepares to advance

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New plans, new developer—project that would add hundreds of housing units creeps forward

Rendering of the former plans from 2016
Rendering courtesy of One Charlestown

Long-running plans to revamp and expand the 13-block Bunker Hill public housing complex in Charlestown appear to have taken a major step forward with the announcement in late October of a new member of the development team.

Recall that plans have been percolating for three years that would see the 1,100 existing apartments rebuilt and some 2,100 market-rate, workforce, and affordable units added. Debate over just how many market-rate apartments (and condos) should be added has held up the plans.

Now the addition of Leggat McCall to the development team, which includes lead developer Corcoran Jennison, has raised optimism that the project—formerly known as One Charlestown—might finally advance.

The development team and the Boston Housing Authority are working toward refiling new plans for a redevelopment sometime in early 2019.

The looming plans apparently include remaking those 1,100 existing apartments and adding others—though not as many as before. It currently looks like some 2,700 units total will end up in the Bunker Hill complex footprint, with some market-rate, per the Globe’s Tim Logan.

Work would start in 2021, and be done in up to eight phases to minimize disruptions to current residents. Financing still needs to be worked out—fewer market-rate units means less private money for the project—and other issues might arise between now and early next year. Stay tuned.