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Mission Hill artists condos to replace vacant city-owned lots

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Parcels to give way to two four-story buildings with studio space

Photos via City of Boston

Capping years of debate, Boston’s Zoning Board of Appeals in mid-November okayed plans to fill two vacant city-owned lots in Mission Hill with two condo buildings aimed at artists.

The buildings—at 40-42 Terrace Street and 132 Terrace Street—are each slated to be four stories. Each would also have seven condos—with workspace on the ground floors— marketed to artists making no more than 80 percent of the Boston-area median income.

If developer Terrace Bravo can’t find enough artists to fill the spaces, then they will be made available to the general public.

Debate over these parcels—and others in Mission Hill—stretch back to at least 2016. The city is looking to fill other such sites in the neighborhood, too.