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Seaport World Trade Center changes mean end of Commonwealth Hall

Exhibition space will be casualty in major revamp that will see additional outdoor, retail space


The big changes that owner Fidelity Investments has for the Seaport World Trade Center will mean not only the closure of the nearly 120,000-square-foot Commonwealth Hall, a major exhibition hub in Boston, but more retail and outdoor space.

The amount of retail space, in fact, is due to more than quadruple from its current 9,000 square feet. There will also be improvements to the connection between the street level at Seaport Boulevard and the upper level of the trade center, where some of the new retail will be located, per the Globe's Jon Chesto.

Some of the new outdoor space will go in along the Harborwalk, and the space will be accessible to the public.

As for the wider trade center, Fidelity is reimagining that more as an office park and less as a hub for exhibitions, trade shows, etc. To that end, the 30-year-old Commonwealth Hall is expected to close for good in May 2020.

The Massachusetts Port Authority, which leases the land to Fidelity, has already okayed the plans. Stay tuned.