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Garden Garage demolition imminent as developer plans 44-story tower in its place

469 apartments

Equity Residential

Developer Equity Residential plans to start construction this summer on a 44-story apartment tower in place of the Garden Garage at 35 Lomasney Way in the West End.

The building is slated to have 469 apartments, which will make it not only one of Boston’s largest residential buildings under construction but yet another example of a garage reborn.

It’s that rebirth that will occupy Equity Residential initially: The work this summer will entail the garage’s demolition, with tower construction to follow, according to the Globe’s Tim Logan.

The Boston Planning & Development Agency approved the plans back in 2016, and the tower is expected to open in 2021.

It will have newish neighbors in the immediate vicinity, not least of which the multi-building Hub on Causeway where the old Boston Garden used to be and the 503-unit Avalon North Station, which opened in late 2016 right across from the similarly named transit hub.