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Dorchester development would replace single-family house with 27 apartments

Near commuter-rail stop

Davis Square Architects/Boston Herald

A venture that Dorchester-based developer Hiep Chu leads wants to replace a single-family house at 185-191 Geneva Avenue in Dot’s Mount Bowdoin area with a five-story, 27-unit apartment building.

The so-called Bedrock Geneva development would be about 200 feet from the Four Corners/Geneva Avenue commuter-rail stop. It would have 23 market-rate apartments and four affordable ones, with 12 units one-bedroom, nine studio, five two-bedroom, and one a three-bedroom.

Likely because of its proximity to the commuter-rail stop, Chu’s plans call for just eight off-street parking spaces, per the Herald’s Donna Goodison. The building would have bike storage.

The project needs some necessary zoning tweaks to move forward, but it apparently enjoys the support of neighborhood groups.

It is certainly the sort of development Boston in general needs more of: Denser multi-family near transit vs. standalone suburban-style houses. Stay tuned.