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Dock Square Garage redevelopment would include glass facade, stairs-like roof

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And 10 new floors

Rendering via Stantec

The redevelopment of the Dock Square Garage at 20 Clinton Street in downtown Boston would include a glass facade and a stair-like roof line with terraces down to the neighboring Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

As for the garage itself, it would be reclad in terracotta louvers and perforated metal panels.

This is all according to designs that owner Fortis Property Group filed with the city. Architecture firm Stantec is behind the designs.

Plans call for a 10-story, 133-foot addition to the seven-story garage for 195 condos. An eighth-floor amenities level would include a pool.

The plans would also mean a near-halving of the space that the Hard Rock occupies there and a reduction in public parking spaces in the garage from 714 to 698, per the Herald’s Donna Goodison.

The redevelopment, which needs the requisite city approvals, is among a spate of Boston garage conversions either planned, proposed, or underway—all part of a brave, new world in transit, we imagine.