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Newton’s Riverside project could return bigger and bolder than ever

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Transit-oriented development would include hundreds of apartments

A subway train parked next to two lines of empty track. ViewPoint By VP/Shutterstock

Fresh plans to redevelop a huge parking lot at the Green Line’s Riverside terminus in Newton include up to 1.5 million square feet of new space in several buildings.

Developer Normandy Real Estate Partners won the necessary approvals in 2013 to build a smaller complex, but financial hurdles have stymied those plans. Now Normandy has a new partner—Mark Development—and that much larger idea.

The 1.5 million square feet would include an office tower, a hotel, hundreds of apartments, and a garage that can serve Green Line riders. Altogether, it would be one of the largest ground-up developments in Newton’s recent history, according to the Globe’s Jon Chesto.

Normandy and Mark need the requisite approvals—and, to realize the larger scope, they need to build on the site of the current Hotel Indigo, which they control. The latter should be easy, then, but the former could be difficult, given some opposition from Newton officials and neighbors. Stay tuned.