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Boston’s MidTown Hotel expected to make way for Huntington Avenue high-rise

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Inn’s owner has put the two-story property on the block

Boston Globe/Contributor/Getty Images

The MidTown Hotel at 220 Huntington Avenue in the Back Bay-South End borderlands is on sale and expected to fetch an offer from a buyer looking to raze the 57-year-old inn to make way for yet another high-rise in the area.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist—the same landlord that facilitated the ongoing construction of the 742-foot One Dalton condo and hotel tower in the area—owns the land on which the two-story MidTown sits.

A sale of the one-acre site would likely lead to a much larger building in the 159-room hotel’s place, per the Globe’s Tim Logan. And that sale would likelier be on the pricier side, reflecting the skyrocketing land values of prime development sites in downtown Boston in general.

For instance, the MidTown site’s lease could go for as much as $80 million—$15 million more than developer Carpenter & Co. paid in 2014 for the smaller site that became One Dalton, which is on its way to being one of the five tallest towers in New England.

Stay tuned.