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Cambridge Crossing’s 250 North Street tops off

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Life sciences building a big part of a big development where Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston meet

New building at Cambridge Crossing Photo courtesy of DivcoWest

The 11-story, 430,000-square-foot life-sciences complex at 250 North Street in Cambridge has officially topped off, completing a notable part of the one of the single biggest new developments in the entire Boston region.

Developer DivcoWest and contractor John Moriarty & Associates hosted an event on June 22 to mark the occasion. Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern was among the attendees.

The building—which Philips North America will anchor for its new headquarters—is part of the approximately 2.1 million square feet of science and technology space that is going up in what DivcoWest calls Cambridge Crossing, or CX for short. It will be the first life-sciences building to be completed in CX.

The 45-acre project where Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston converge is also due to have around 2,400 new residential units in addition to the approximately 2,500 ones it has now; and about 100,000 square feet of retail. There is also supposed to be 11 acres of new public open space, including a kind of central common.

As for this latest milestone, Philips plans to relocate 2,000 employees to 250 North at the start of 2020.