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Boston Harbor Garage tower design proposal imminent, developer says

Meanwhile, here are some renderings of what the Blueway below it would look like

Rendering of Blueway Rendering via KPF

The Chiofaro Company, the development firm that has owned the Boston Harbor Garage since 2007 and that has been trying to redevelop it for about just as long, plans to seek city approval this summer for an approximately 600-foot tower on the site.

This is despite legal challenges to essentially block the garage’s redevelopment via blocking a state initiative to rezone 42 acres of Boston waterfront and tidal basin in order to spur just such construction.

To create a little buzz for its coming plans, Chiofaro on June 26 released renderings of a so-called Blueway that it would build as part of its redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage. The Blueway would be an extension of the Greenway—get it?—and would be designed to assuage concerns that a high-rise would cut off public waterfront access.

Whether that actually does satisfy concerns about access remains to be seen (history suggests it won’t). So do Chiofaro’s tower plans, for that matter. As the Globe’s Tim Logan points out, the latest renderings show the Blueway and little else.

Chiofaro is apparently still huddled with its architects on a final design for the proposed tower above the busy, busy plaza. Stay tuned.