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Allston development would add five buildings at Harvard Avenue and Cambridge Street

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Dubbed Allston Square, it would also involve the gut-renovation of a sixth property

Rendering via Embarc

A Brookline-based developer is proposing a six-building project with 334 apartments and condos at Harvard Avenue and Cambridge Street in Boston’s Allston.

City Realty’s Allston Square project would involve the demolition of the Jack Young building on Cambridge Street and a single-story building next-door on Harvard Avenue; and would also include the gut-renovation of Allston Hall at Braintree and Franklin streets. The project’s other five buildings would be new.

These buildings would include:

  • a 101-unit condo building at 415 Cambridge Street with 102 parking spaces
  • a nine-unit apartment building in the redone Allston Hall
  • a 65-unit condo building with 35 parking spaces at 334 Cambridge Street
  • a 20-unit apartment building at 16 Highgate Street with six parking spaces
  • a 77-unit apartment building at 2-8 Harvard Avenue with 48 spaces that would serve as a kind of area gateway (the 69-foot building is rendered above)
  • a 62-unit condo building with 46 parking spaces at a building at Franklin and Braintree streets (see the map below for more details about the breakdown)

The project would also include thousands of square feet of retail in different buildings. City Realty filed plans for Allston Square in late June. It wants to start construction next spring. Stay tuned.