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Seaport Square park would include climbable boulders, sugar maples

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Proposed 1.5-acre space would overnight become one of Seaport District’s most prominent parks

Rendering via Universal Hub/WS Development

A proposed 1.5-acre park within the massive Seaport Square development would include sugar maple trees that the park’s backer says could produce sap to make maple syrup in the springtime.

That is one feature of the park that developer WS Development plans to present before the Boston Civic Design Commission on June 5 as part of a larger presentation on Seaport Square.

The park—which would also have performance spaces, climbable boulders, and a playground—would be near the center of the developer’s nearly 13-acre Seaport Square project.

It would also instantly become one of the most prominent parks in the still-emerging Seaport District area. Complaints of a dearth of public amenities has dogged that larger neighborhood—and Seaport Square—since pretty much it started going up. Stay tuned.